Hey lovelies.

I’m very excited as this is my first blog post! Really hope you enjoy it! P.S. Crossing fingers and toes that you do!

I’ll start off by saying … WOW!

Before I purchased this setup, I was eyeing it for quite a while. I’m a lady that likes to do my homework when it comes to…well…anything! I did research on this product, but the results I got online were not satisfactory!

I read both good and bad reviews about this product but my curiosity got the better of me so I decided to buy it anyway! I just couldn’t resist all the amazing features that this Essence product had to offer so I decided to check it out for myself and write a review about the product.

My Essence @ Home Gel kit consists of the following (all these products were purchased separately and paid for):

  • Essence Mini LED Curing Lamp
  • Essence Primer
  • Essence Peel off Base Coat
  • Essence Cleanser
  • Essence Gel Top Coat

I was so excited to start with my @ Home Gel Manicure; I could barely contain myself!

I started off by slightly buffing my nails. After that was done; I washed my hands thoroughly with luke warm soapy water to ensure that my nail beds were clean and ready for a pretty mani!

Next was the primer. This is a very watery liquid and it applies without any hassles. It also dries almost instantly and it leaves your nails smelling divine.

I then applied the peel off base to my nails. The instructions recommend that you apply a thick even coat of the peel off base. The coat I applied was not too thick nor to thin and it worked out perfectly for me. You must ensure that you apply the coat evenly otherwise you might risk your beautiful gel getting ruined during the curing process as a warp hole might form if it’s not applied evenly. Application was smooth and easy. I did each of my nails individually as I didn’t want to end up ruining one of my nails. I applied the base coat evenly and cured it under the Mini LED lamp. Essence states that the Mini LED Lamp cures your nails within 10 seconds and I can now vouch for that! It’s amazing … speed of light … This in effect means that curing time on one hand will be 50 seconds!

You press the Purple Essence button on top of the light to turn it on and then you let the LED work its magic. Luckily it has an automatic timer installed so the light switches off by itself after 10 seconds. After curing, the gel forms a tacky layer; but not to worry 🙂 this will disappear after you have wiped your nail with the cleanser. Repeat these steps 9 times!

After you have finished curing the base coat on all of your nails; you are ready for some colour and nail art! I opted for Sinful Colour, Juane Pastel. After my colour dried which was pretty quick (Thanks Sinful) I added a coat of Wet n Wild Rocks. I was ready for my final top coat!

I applied the top coat in the same manner that I applied the base boat and I did the curing the same as with the base coat. Should you feel the need to cure your nails for a little while longer, you can.

My mani ended up lasting what felt like forever; which I might add, is a good thing – wouldn’t you say?

All in all, I give this gel system a rating of 10/10. This is not because I adore the Essence brand; this is purely based on the great experience that I’ve had with this system and that everything that sold this kit, held merit – fast curing, long-lasting etc.

If you are an on the go girl like me; this one is definitely for you. You get a salon quality mani in the comfort of your own home! What more can a Lady ask for!

P.S. – If load shedding kicks in; you can plug your Mini LED Lamp into your laptop and you’re A FOR AWAY.

I called this Mani “Yellow Summa”



Hope you guys like it. What do you think?

Has anyone else here tried this system?


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