Good morning Ladies

I recently entered the realm of Nail Art Stamping. Once I was sucked into the realm; I couldn’t stop stamping! The person who came up with this invention is my hero! All hail the nail stamping creator!

My first stamping set was the Essence Stampy set. This set can be purchased at any Clicks, Pharmacy or Dischem. My stamper collection has grown as I ended up buying stampers like crazy.

If you are strong enough to enter the world of stamping … continue reading …

First thing is first … stamping is not something that you will master in a couple of hours, it takes practice. It’s like driving; once you get the hang of it; you will never forget how to drive!

Once you are confident enough to do a full manicure teamed up with stamping; there is no turning back – you have been warned. You will have the uncontrollable urge to stamp away!

I will be posting an updated pic of my stampers.

If you guys want to find out more about stamping (tips, tricks, tutorials etc.) please stay tuned for more!

Have you guys tried nail art stamping?


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