Good day Lovelies

As mentioned in my previous post; the Essence Stampy Set was my first stampy set so this is where it all began.

The set consists of the stamper, the scraper and 1 image plate. I currently only own the 2 Essence plates with the single designs. I have been struggling to find the full design image plates in Cape Town – all the plates are single images only.

If you head to your closest pharmacy, Dischem and or Clicks you need to look carefully for this set as the box is quite small and minty green in colour. I stood at the Essence stand searching for a pink box as the online pictures showed a pink box! Anyhow; to spare you the stress; this is what the box looks like and the image plate that I got with the set.

Stampy set

Now; you are ready for some stamping action!

I am very pleased with the Essence stamper. The colour of the stamping head is light green of colour which makes it perfect if you are stamping with white polish. The white will pop out on the colour so you will be able to see whether you have a clear image or not.

The stamper is not squishy and sticky as they call some of the other stampers on the market. The stamper is firm but also not to firm. This was my first stamper but I would definitely say that this is still on top of my favourite list. The image transfers you get with this stamper is very good; picks up the images well. This stamper is a good all-rounder and I would recommend this set to anybody who wants to start experimenting with stamping! The only thing from the set I don’t use, is the scraper. The scraper has a metal strip at the bottom which tends to scratch the plates. I don’t want my plates to be scratched so I use an old gift card or the plastic scraper instead.

Have you guys tested the Essence Stamper?


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