Hi Everyone 🙂

Hope you guys had a good weekend.

Today I will be posting on how to stamp 🙂 I really hope these tips will give you guys some pointers on how to master stamping easily!

  • Apply base coat and the colour of your choice to your nails like you usually would.
  • Apply a coat or two of clear polish – Believe me … you will thank me in the end ;0) This will save you a lot of time. Should you stamp your nails and you’re not happy with it you can simply wipe the stamping pattern off your nail with nail polish remover without damaging the beautiful colour that you’ve just applied on your nails on your nails. The clear polish acts like a barrier between the two.
  • All nail polish must be dry before stamping on your nails. If you are struggling with drying time you need to try out the Essence Express Dry Nail Art Drops. I will be posting my review about these drops during the week.
  • Once your nails are completely dry; you are ready to begin the stamping process.
  • You can use normal nail polish for stamping which means you don’t have to buy the stamping polishes (special polish). Not all normal nail polishes work well for stamping though. The nail polish must be opaque in order for it to work well for stamping.
  • I always wipe my plates and stamper with acetone before I begin stamping – unless it’s a sticky marshmallow stamper (do’s and don’t of cleaning will follow during the course of the week).
  • Apply polish to the image on the plate that you want to stamp on your nails. At a later stage; when you are move advanced and comfortable with stamping, you will only apply polish to half of the design as you become trained in how much polish the design needs etc.
  • You now need to scrape the excess nail polish off your image. You can use an old gift card as your scraper as this works better than the scrapers that normally comes in the sets. I sometimes use the plastic scraper from my Salon Express Stamping kit. Scraping can be very tricky. After you have applied the polish and is ready for scraping; you need to continue a.s.a.p. The best way to scrape is at a 45 degree angle. You scrape fast and in a downwards motion with a bit of pressure on the scraper. If you apply to much pressure; you will remove too much polish which means that you will not be able to pick up the design or the design will dry almost instantly. Once again … practice makes perfect.
  • Once you have scraped off the excess polish, you are now ready to transfer the image onto the stamper. I always get success when I press the stamper directly down. I do this using some pressure but to much. I then lift the stamper the same way I pressed it down onto the plate (straight movement). After the image has been transferred; check the image. If you are not happy with the results on the stamper; clean the stamper and start the process again.
  • Now comes the fun part; transferring the image onto your nail successfully. You have to be quick; like a ninja! Just kidding; not that fast! Line the image up with you nail to ensure correct placement of the image. Once lined up; use a rolling motion to stamp the image on your nails. By rolling motion I mean; from left to right and visa versa. I normally stamp my nails on my left hand from right to left and the right hand from left to right as this just makes it much easier.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for the stamping to dry. Once dry; you are now ready to apply your topcoat. Gently apply your topcoat and avoid brushing over the same place more than once as you might smudge your design if not completely dry.

I know this is a lot to take in and probably seems like you are never going to get it right; but trust me, I also started out with no experience and practiced until it came out of my ears.

Have you guys tried stamping? If yes; what was your stamping experience?




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