Morning Lovelies!

Hope everyone enjoyed their public holiday. It didn’t feel like a public holiday; went by so quickly! It’s been quite rainy and cold in the Mother City! Luckily its Wednesday today so the work week is almost over.

I’ve got another Essence Review 🙂 teamed up with some MoYou stamping. This time it’s on the entire new Gel System – from base coat to top coat! As you all might know by now; I’m a gel lover! I love the finish and the lastingness the gel coat provides (no chips etc.)

I started off by applying one coat of Essence Gel Base Coat, followed by two coats of Essence #11 – 4 Ever Young and 2 coats of Essence #04 – Our Sweetest Day on my accent nails. 2015-06-17 11.04.33 2015-06-17 08.31.23 2015-06-17 12.05.54  2015-06-17 08.43.01 2015-06-17 08.41.49

I then topped it off with some stamping 🙂 I used my MoYou London rectangular sticky stamper with my MoYou London Pro Collection Number 4 plate. After the stamping was dry I applied one coat of the amazing Essence Gel Top Coat. I specifically applied only one coat as I wanted to test the durability. Test result = amazing. The Gel top coat seals in your awesome mani and is very durable … unlike other top coats! I’m on day 4 of my manicure and there is almost no tip wear whatsoever and NO chips – can you believe it!!! Normally my non Gel mani would chip after a couple of hours. The Top Coat gives very good coverage and it gives the Gel Look, Shine and Feel after your mani is complete.

Removal is also super easy – no soaking off needed. The Gel Polish is easily removed with nail polish remover. The application of the new Essence gel system was flawless. The base coat applies easily and dries quite quickly. The Gel Colour Polishes are pigmented which means you can easily get away with only applying 1 coat. I applied 2 coats as I wanted that extra intense burst of colour. The Essence #11 – 4 Ever Young is dark bright pink with a reddish tint! I think it’s a stunning colour. Overall, the new Gel System from Essence gets a definite thumbs up from me as I’m very satisfied with the products in the range.

P.S. – I had to redo 1 nail as I kind of ruined it whilst drinking my milo – Oops … anyways, that’s how I know the removal is easy! Thank you for another range of amazing products Essence! You guys rock!

MoYou Stamping 🙂 – what can I say; except … I wish that I’d bought these ages ago! The MoYou Plates are amazing with beautiful designs that can be used to glam up any plain mani! The plates are protected by a hard backing which ensures that the plate doesn’t slide around everywhere and that the plate doesn’t bend or damage while in storage. The Rectangular Sticky Stamper is the best ever! The stamper and good quality plates really makes the stamping effortless. The stamper picks up the images extremely well with crisp lines etc. and the stamper head is big enough for the full designs and to create awesome stamping decals. With this amazing sticky stamper you can “shrink” or “stretch” and image seeing that the stamper is so flexible and sticky!

Have you guys tried the new Essence Gel System and what are your thoughts on stamping?





    1. Thank you very much Renita! You must definitely try it! It’s amazing. Another awesome range from Essence. I love the fact that the Top Coat is so durable and you get the Gel shine and feel. It’s a definite win win 🙂 XoXo Love


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