Hope you guys are having a good Tuesday so far.

Let’s get down and dirty with Water Marbling 🙂

Most of you ladies have tried water marbling; am I right? What are your thoughts on this process – yay or nay?

For some of you this procedure might be a love-hate situation. I personally love marbling as the options for designs etc. are endless.

Here I just did a very basic marble – plain and simple 🙂



For those of you that haven’t tried marbling before; stop right here – you have to! This is one of those things that must be tried (more than once, in order to succeed – unless you have super powers, LOL). Your first time will be a bumpy ride; but practice makes perfect.

How to do Water marbling?

·         Fill an old cup with room temperature water. I would suggest that you use kettle water that has cooled down to room temperature as “clean” water works a lot better. Paint on your base coat. I used Essence base coat and topped it off with white as my primary colour. I prefer to use white as this makes the marbling stand out and pop on your nails.

·         Make sure that you primary colours dry completely. Your polish can dry while you get your water marble on ;0)

·         Old polish does not work for marbling so don’t even try it as it takes too long to drop onto the water and doesn’t spread properly. The polish you use for marbling needs to be quite runny and not gloopy. If you have a cheap polish that is still runny; I would suggest that you use that to start off your marbling as you don’t actually use your first circles.

·         Remove brush from polish bottle and keep your brush full of polish – don’t brush it off against the bottle.

·         Hold your brush about 1-2cm away from the water in the middle of the cup and let the nail polish drop from the brush. If you hold the brush to high; the polish will drop and sink straight to the bottom.

·         After dropping your first ring of nail polish; drop another colour of nail polish within the middle of the 1st ring. You will continue this process until you are satisfied with your amount of circles and colours. For this manicure I used OPI – Pink and clear Essence.

·         Now for the fun part; drawing your design! Use a pin or a small dotting tool to draw your design. Start drawing from the second circle inwards; towards the middle of your design (bull’s eye). Continue around your circle until you get a flower design. You can draw flowers, hearts etc. – the options are endless.

·         Dipping your fingers – make sure you line your nail up with the part of the design that needs to “stick” to your nail. Slowly dip your nail onto the specific design, hold it there for a couple of seconds while you clean up the rest of the polish floating on the top of your cup. If you do not clean up the floating polish; it will ruin your beautifully marbled nail when you lift it out of the water.

·         After using a “flick movement” to lift your nail out of the water; carefully shake or lightly blow the water drops off your nail. If you do not get rid of the water drops; they will cause bubbles on your marbling.

·         Clean-up – This is where it gets tricky 🙂 I’ve got some useful tips with pictures that I will be sharing during my next blog post on the clean-up and how to avoid the mess; so stay tuned!

·         After clean-up seal your mani with a decent top coat; I used Essence Gel Top Coat to finish my mani.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read! Sorry for the poor pics; this was taken before I dusted off my photo box.

Sad truth – one of my nails broke after this mani AND we arranged to go bowling for our team building so I had to loose all my nails.

Stay tuned for more.

Have a great afternoon everyone.

Love xxx

The Polish Diaries


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