Happy weekend readers 🙂

How was your week? I was extremely busy at work so this week came and went by sooo quickly for me. Hope your week was good and not to cray cray.

Speaking of which; we often wish the weeks away, hoping for weekends but we don’t seem to realise that we’re actually wishing precious time away. A bit deep, I know – but it’s the truth #YOLO #MadHatter.

On week 3 of Naillinkup, our prompt was Mauve. This is what I did for my Mauve manicure.





Did any of you also take part in the May Naillinkup prompts? If you did; share some pictures 🙂

To get the look I used Essence #173 – Over the Rainbow polish, stamped with an image from my MoYou London Pro Collection #4 plate.

This is the closest colour I could find to Mauve. The photos doesn’t do the colour much justice but it’s a very pretty colour.

@ Naillinkup Ladies; feel free to share your Naillinkup manicures 🙂

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Would you wear this colour?

I’m out 🙂 … for now 😉

LZ – The Polish Diaries


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