How have you guys been? Can’t believe the week has flown by so fast, we’re on Wednesday already and before we know it, Christmas is upon us.

Yesssss, to see what I did, you have to click below 🙂

Speaking of which; have you guys joined our Secret Santa Swap for this year? If not, what are you waiting for. To read more, click here.

Our week 2 prompt was Metallic Blue. I had a great idea for this prompt but unfortunately it didn’t exactly work out as planned.

Before I post the pictures; let me share with you what happened! I decided to use my metallic blue as the primary colour, stamped with my Intense White from Essence. Everything looked amazing … until I put the topcoat on.

I am trying to use my Essence Gel Top Coat sparingly so I decided to give the Rimmel 5 in 1 Topcoat another go. The first time I used this product, I was not impressed and it ruined my manicure but I thought, maybe it was just my luck the first time around so I’ll give it another shot – what a mistake!

I really didn’t want to post the pics but anyway, here goes:



When I added the topcoat everything looked fine for about a minute then it all went bang. The Rimmel topcoat melted my Stamping and changed the colour from white to lighter blue. The stamping wasn’t distorted when I added the topcoat, it literally melted the white after a minute and my nails were dry. I had to leave my nails as is as I wasn’t going to redo it, it was already late 😦

This topcoat is not for me – AT ALL! I then added a few drops of express dry drops to dry this topcoat, but it didn’t even work. Struggled to get the topcoat to dry properly. All my other polishes work very well with the express drops but not this one.

Okay, this was a lengthy post but it was a 2 in 1 🙂 Naillinkup and “review”. I couldn’t post these pics without telling you guys what happened. -Embarrassed face- I should’ve just used my Essence! As they say – stick to what you know!

My husband said the manicure actually came out nice despite the melted white stamping. I’m still not sure hey – what do you guys think?

Have you tried this rimmel topcoat and what was your experience?


The Polish Diaries



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