Guys, as mentioned in my previous post, I will be sharing some of my experiences thus far with you. BE WARNED – LENGTHY POST!

Some background history for you guys…I’ve never been pregnant so this entire experience is completely new to me.

Firstly, I’ve been lucky enough not to have morning sickness. During my 1st trimester i felt sick a couple of times but not once have I thrown up. I’ve heard of some Momma’s getting bad morning sickness, literally sick 24/7.

My struggles have been totally random and unusual stuff … well … I guess not that unusual as some other Momma’s on Google have gone through some of these things. Please bear in mind that this is my first pregnancy so I am making statements based on my experience so far.


During my first trimester I struggled badly with sinus. I am a sinus suffer in general but it’s like my allergies doubled in my 1st trimester. This settled down a week or two before my second trimester began. Replacing the bad sinuses was loss of sleep … I would wake up crazy hours of the morning having to pee! I usually sleep like a rock and right through but not anymore.

I am in my second trimester now – 19wks3 🙂 From about 4wks up until last week I was walking around with the most unbearable pain ever known to man kind – tooth ache … but really bad! It started out as slight tooth ache and then it quickly spiraled out of control. I’ve read that some mommies experience bleeding gums etc. during pregnancy but mine was so bad I could not sleep. It literally felt like someone kept on stabbing me in my upper jaw then the pain shoots to my lower jaw, into my gland and then into my ear and head. As you can imagine this obviously led to me being an absolute ray of sunshine. I was soooo fed-up and desperate I tried all natural remedies not harmful to our unborn baby but nothing seemed to helped.

I resorted to Clove Oil – OMW, you have NEVER in your LIFE tasted anything this bad. This seemed to numb the pain a bit but after the numbing the pain would come back tenfold! The pain was sooo bad that I would wake up during the night crying like a baby. Weird thing is, I NEVER have issues with my teeth. Decided to go to have it checked out as I was at my wit’s end …I got some antibiotics for the gum infection. The antibiotics were obviously preg safe.

At this point I was taking my meds like a good child but the pain just got worse and remember … I can’t just shove pain killers down my throat now as I am carrying an amazing human being inside me. After my antibiotics course were done, I went to the Dentist as I knew this was bad. My worst fears were confirmed – I had a bad, giant mother of an abscess. Cringeeeee!

I was put on another dose of the same antibiotics for a week to try and control the inflammation until they could do my emergency root canal. At this point I was freaking out, I’ve never had an abscess not even to think of the root canal. My root canal was scheduled for 23 November 2016.

Through all the tooth drama I also developed … wait for it – an itchy rash that popped out of nowhere. This rash was all over my arms, belly, back, bum and thighs, nowhere else! I know right! Some mommies get this as our hormones are like a bunch of crazy ladies on the 25th of November (Black Friday) in a clothing and shoe store. This rash was sooo bad that showering and was eina. Thankfully all Hubby’s TLC with rubbing my back in with Cocoa butter etc. paid off as the rash is something of the past. Still pops out on my thighs every now and again but not nearly as bad as it was.

Root Canal Day : Dum, dum, dum … I was freaking out about this the entire day. Went for my appointment and got the root canal done and dusted and for the first time in over a month I am pain-free! What a relief. I forgot what walking around with no pain feels like. Now I can eat normally and be normal … well kind of. Dunkin Donuts here I come 🙂

I am still not sleeping through as I have to go to the loo like every 5 seconds and my emotions are crazy … I can’t stop crying. “Oh look … a pretty flower!” – Me: “Sobbing, sniff, sniff”.

So, after reading this, you know why I’ve been missing in action. After all of the above, we are still very grateful and blessed and I know all of this will be worth it in the end as soon as we hold our bundle of joy.

End note – pregnancy tests your limits and you as a person but even with all the downs I’ve had, it’s an experience.

I will share more with you guys as we go along 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the read. I know it was lengthy, sorry 🙂

Please feel free to share your experiences ladies!



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